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Yoga Studio Interiors

When East Side Yoga built its first location in the upscale Capitol Hill neighborhood of Washington, DC., they needed high impact visual content to fill their website, social media, and marketing materials. With proper planing, the client and I were able to prioritize the images needed, and put me in »

Instructor Portraits

Keeping up with visual marketing in the ultra-fast-paced world of fitness is tough. The goal was to provide trainer's portraits for the website that were clean, uniform... but still fun. We chose a high-key white background so that it would be easy to match in the future. While there were »

Property & Facilities: Resort Destination

The vast majority of consumers value the opinion of one of their peers much higher than the endorsement of a celebrity. Travel films offer people a glimpse into the complete experience of a destination... through the eyes of a guest. While the traditional vehicles of marketing and branding, your website, »

3D Motion Tracking with a Drone

I recently visited Coron, Palawan in The Philippines and was fortunate to have the opportunity to rent a private boat and shoot in some incredible locations. While putting together a travel film for this location, I realized the potential for a hyper-lapsed drone shot, with 3D text flybys! The final »

Print Advertising Campaign

Client: Pearl Jewelry Retailer Creative Challenge: Showcase products in a hip, modern way. Avoid stock- looking images, and use a model to create lifestyle images. These images were used as part of a "Day and Night" campaign for a Washington, DC based retailer to show that pearls are »

Product Images: Coasters

Client: Artist and Product designer. Creative Challenge: High quality photographs have been an integral part to getting When Artist and Product Designer Jess Pfohl was ready to launch her Jess! brand products in nationwide retail locations, we collaborated on some clever and colorful ways to photograph her stone coaster series. »

Property Interior: Vacation Rental

Client: Investment Property Owner Creative Challenge: Showcase the charm and beauty of a vacation rental house in an ultra competitive neighborhood in North Carolina's Outer Banks, the OBX. The client wanted the images created to show off the details of the living space, specifically the artwork and decor. These images »

Fast Food Editorial

Client: Manila, Philippines - based online publisher of an entertainment website. Creative Challenge: Showcase the American fast-food burger experience to a curious, international audience. When Philippines based international fast food giant Jolibee purchased the majority ownership stake in American premium burger chain Smashburger, I wrote an interest piece and photographed »