Women often ask ‘ How much makeup should I wear for my portrait?’ and the answer is much simpler than you would think.

Just wear the amount of makeup that you would normally wear for a job interview



Men have been told for decades to shave for photographs and portraits, but the fact of the matter is that you want to represent yourself as accurately as possible.

Facial hair is ok, but it should be neatly groomed. Stubble is also ok if that is your look, but you should still keep the lines clean.


Do You Wear Glasses?

If you wear glasses most of the time, you should wear them for your portrait. It is a more genuine representation of who you are.

Typically, the more expensive coatings on glasses result in glare in your photograph, but wearing your frames limit the ability to light your portrait well, it just take a little more precision. Just kindly be patient while the light is adjusted to make you look your best!

Jewelry & Accessories

It’s always great to add flair and character to your portrait. I encourage people to add accents that show off their personality, but this must be used sparingly.

Anything that is loud, shiny or detracts attention from the subject leads to an ineffective portrait.

How to Look Thinner on Camera

Choose a dark color as the primary color of your outfit. Avoid horizontal stripes or patterns. The rest is more about posing and lighting. Your photographer IS looking out for your best interests, so they will have you lean forward and keep your face closer to the lens than any other part of your body to let the camera do the rest.

Bring options

This goes for men and women. Bring 2-3 options for each look that you plan, just to be safe. A good photographer can always offer you a second opinion on what to choose.

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