Classic, photojournalistic images to cover your event. Free of awkward faces, bad lighting, and boring scenes. The goal is to create a series of images that tell the event's visual story with an upbeat, lively feel.

My rate includes photographic event coverage with edited images delivered via google drive, typically within 3 days. I give the client ownership of all event images created.

My camera equipment has a fully silent shooting mode and does not require the use of a flash in 90% of event situations. This GREATLY reduces the distraction factor, and the attention stealing flashes of light. Furthermore, it allows for a far greater number of flattering candid shots, as opposed to boring, posed images. You never realize the distraction that most photographers cause at events, until you work with a photo ninja like me.

Half Day Coverage

4 hrs on-site, including setup/breakdown (150/hr additional time)
500.00 - Downtown Baltimore, MD
600.00 - Washington, DC.

Full Day Coverage

8 hrs on-site including setup/breakdown (150/hr additional time)
950.00 - Downtown Baltimore, MD
1100.00 - Washington, DC.

What Types of Shots are the Priority?

Clients are often asked for a wishlist, or a checklist of desired shots. Lets communicate and be prepared to capture all the important moments as they unfold. What's on your shot wishlist? Take a look at some examples below to get an idea on how to prioritize your event photography.

The Speakers & Special Guests





The Food, Decor & Event Space






Small Groups & Breakout Sessions




A Balance of Posed and Candid Shots