Content Creation Workflow

Content Creation Workflow

You're ahead of the curve, and you intend to stay there!

Daily instagram and facebook posts, weekly blogs, monthly newsletter, website updates... You have plenty of reasons to need new content; in fact, In this media rich world, you need good content to survive.

Creativity, On Contract

Not ready to hire staff, but have a need for regular content? I am the perfect creative partner because I work quickly and efficiently based on your brands needs.

Available for weekly or monthly contributions to your growing media library.

Multi-Platform Deliverables

The content we create can be delivered across a wide array of vehicles. This is reflective of my work experience in which I have contributed to content creation for:
* Broadcast * Live Stream * Social Media

Consult, Build, Train

Nothing makes this more economical than having a well trained staff of photo/ video makers as part of your team. Allow me to design and build the perfect internal video workflow for your brand's needs.