I love to shoot, and it shows.

I love my job! Working with a camera everyday is a dream come true, and I am greatful for the opportunity to partner with such wonderful clients.


My creative career began with an intership in graphic design. The experience was very instrumental in laying the foundation for understanding good aesthetics in visual marketing.

The next stage of my career was in the broadcasting industry, and lasted a decade. First; shooting and producing original content, followed by on-site consulting (in broadcasting) on federal government contracts.

I left my last government contract in 2015 and today, I continue to develop my skills and enjoy a great relationship with a handful of clients.

Do you think that I would make a good creative partner for your brand or organization?

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Photographer / Filmmaker Fifteen years worth of gigs, travel, and instincts as a content creator with a lens. Clients trust my ability to tell their story.

Training / Workshops The value of keeping your creative staff up to date on modern camera, lighting and post-production techniques is invaluable in today's social world. Custom programs can be designed for an entire workflow, or for individual equipment.

Consultation Digital Marketing and Social Media strategy, Conference and event participant interactivity, Producing broadcast content, Podcasts, Vlogs, and more.

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