I am a Storyteller

.. and I use my own techniques to craft a series of stylized images that illustrate your story; a proper introduction to the world.

You are hiring a versatile, creative professional who understands the big picture and is able to offer clients viable, long-term solutions.

I treat each shoot as a unique challenge and each client as a creative partnership.


My career began in graphic design, which was very instrumental in laying the foundation for understanding good aesthetics in visual marketing. This was followed by over a decade in Broadcasting: First, shooting and producing original content; then eventually consulting on large scale projects.

Today, I continue to develop my vast skillset and enjoy working directly with clients.



Relationship building through long term partnerships, that's my goal.

Photographer / Filmmaker With 15 years behind a lens, and tens of thousands of flight miles in the last few years alone, clients trust my ability to tell their story, even if it takes place in multiple locations and on different continents.

Training / Workshops The value of having a staff that can create content internally adds another level to your marketing. Each training session us crafted to meet your business' needs. I offer camera, lighting and post-production workshops that are a fun, hands on learning experience for groups as large as 30 at a time.

Creative Direction / Consultation Need a Big Picture Boost? Let us work together and put together a plan for your long term needs. Build an in-house workflow, hire and train a staff, freelancers, or have a project manager to interface with your creative agency.

Available For Hire


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