Boudoir Photography

Its all about the details


Boudoir is about the details. Just because these photographs are of you, it does not mean that they have to identify you. There is an elegant beauty in anonymity, an ironic dance of voyourism and roll reversal, where the viewer does not know the identity of the subject, but she knows, and controls, who the viewer is.

On Location

Nothing beats the comfort and reliability of home, but I am comfortable bringing minimal amounts of lighting equipment and shooting just about anywhere you like!

In Studio

My studio space is spacious, private, stocked with furniture, art, and fabrics to accent your session. Not to mention, working in a studio give me complete creative flexibility because all of my gear is at arms length. If you want the best images possible, and are comfortable shooting outside of your home, this is the best option! You are welcome to bring a friend along of course!